Detox Widely Unavailable For High Dose Addicts

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Detox Widely Unavailable For High Dose Addicts

A huge number of Americans now affected by methadone addiction are seeing themselves trapped with very little hope for good detox and rehabilitation.

Few methadone detox or perhaps rehab facilities will accept someone taking much more than eighty milligrams each day, but the majority extended addicts are on much higher doses. Indeed, many detox and rehab centers require dosages as small as 40mg or a lot less. And many drug rehab and drug detox centers won't accept methadone addicts in all.

As well as at the more expensive maintenance doses, which is exactly where we find the majority of methadone addicts, withdrawal symptoms during detox are unimaginably intense, and can keep going for a few months. Instead, almost all rehab and detox centers advise addicts to taper the dosages of theirs down to twenty to 40 milligrams each day, after which they'll be accepted for detox.

"The truth is, many methadone addicts that look for help currently have experimented with withdraw, or at the very least cut down the serving of theirs, and were not able to withstand the withdrawal symptoms," said Steve Hayes, medical director of Novus Medical Detox Center in Pasco County, FL. "Many end up taking even more methadone than they were before they tried using the methadone detox."

Many addicts seeking recovery are on methadone as a substitute medication for heroin addiction. Their methadone is legally provided by a state-sanctioned methadone clinic. In addition, methadone is a lot cheaper than some other narcotic painkillers that lots of medical professionals are prescribing it for all types of average aches & pains, in spite of its toxicity and addictiveness.

The net result of both methods is a major upsurge in overdose injuries - as well as deaths in recent decades, and soaring rates in the numbers of methadone addicts anxiously searching for thc detox kits at cvs - and rehabilitation.

The issue with trying to find treatment lies in the severity and duration of withdrawal. Detox for even moderate daily doses are able to last as much as a number of days or more, whereas it's only days with morphine, heroin along with other opioids. The higher a methadone addict's - daily dose, the longer and much more severe the withdrawal.

"Some detox facilities that do take lower dose methadone addicts simply put them in an area and give them drugs meant to help relieve a minimum of several of the pain of withdrawal," Mr. Hayes said. "But the astonishingly severe withdrawal symptoms in such type of situations drive most addicts to leave before finishing those kinds of methadone detox plans. They return to their doctors, methadone clinics or perhaps street sellers, still lost in the hell of addiction and despairing for virtually any hope of recovery."