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Jessica Moultrie
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Format Flow

Hey Jason, 

Can we please Set up a top link that gives access to the message boards?  Also, the Rank Planners of Premier and Silver only apply to the Premier and Silver Training.  Gold is a rank planner that shows 3 premiers and Platinum is a rank planner that shows 3 silvers and Diamond is 4 silvers.  So the format there should reflect those depending on which course they are working through or if there is a way for them to select which rank planner they want to view on their own acct. Call me if this makes no sense!

Also, it isn't very intuitive to find the quiz questions after you watch the video.  Can a pop up box come up after you watch the video that directs you to take the quiz?


Thank you!

The Boards have Bots...

Happy New Year Jessican & Jason,

I couldn't see how to message either of you two directly, but I'm sure you've seen that the boards have been infiltrated with spambots posting about male enhancement products - in German!

Frohe Weihnachten, -TM

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